Noon 10:40N 55 41W

Fri 13 Jan 2023 15:50
We have 375 miles to go to St Lucia and 275 until we pass Barbados. We are struggling to make six knots at the moment as we have a counter-current against us which is unusual for here. The weather has improved a bit, with no rain last night and sunshine today.
As we are now getting closer to land we will have to be a bit more formal with our night watch-keeping. Columba feels well enough to do a few hours which allows me to get a some sleep, catching up in the daytime.
We had a nice rice and bean supper last night, and porridge this morning, but the recipe ideas are beginning to dry up a bit now. We have three limes and two oranges left from the fresh food we bought in Cabadelo, plus half a bulb of garlic.
That ice cold beer is getting closer!