Noon Saturday 13th 30:30N 49:30W

Sat 13 May 2023 15:40
I get very frustrated when there's no wind, and rain to make it worse. The wind died yesterday evening and it's still calm here. After having a look at some weather forecast maps I've decided to use the engine and head due north, to where there is predicted to be some wind on Monday morning. If I miss it, at least I'll be further north where there should be more wind at some point.
With the engine on it's very noisy and not much to do. It's like a wet weekend when we were kids and we had to stay indoors or go to the garden shed to play board games. But to use some time productively, I've tried to harvest some rainwater and I've put some cress seeds in a container, on kitchen roll, to see if they will germinate. By day, they will stay outside but come the evening, I will move them on to the engine cowling to keep warm.
Speaking of which, I thought I was going to have a cheap laundry bill in Ponta Delgada as there hasn't been much need for clothes so far. But all that changed yesterday. With a bang.