Noon Sunday 4th 52:50N 26:00W

Sun 4 Jun 2023 09:46
The mystery tour continues! I was up last night until 2 am as there were three data gathering buoys that we were going by and even though the (small) scale chart indicated they were lit, I didn't see anything. Then at 7 am I woke and we were becalmed yet again, but fog bound.
I put the engine on at 8 to turn it over and left it on until 11. I took the opportunity to test the bow thruster and radar and they seem fine. I also tightened the shrouds and some of the stays, as they do stretch apparently. At 11, the engine went off and I had a wash and shave in the cockpit but it was cold.
However, it's sunny now,and a solitary whale is off the starboard side keeping as very respectful distance.
Last night, I devoured or inhaled as Columba would say, the vanilla cake and oatcakes from the ration pack but there were no films or documentaries available on the laptop. They'd all expired.