Friday 24th May 51:06N 06 26W

Fri 24 May 2024 12:07
We are in the middle of the Bristol Channel, becalmed and we can't start the engine. It faltered away last night and we've been trying to find the fault this morning but to no avail. Unfortunately, the boat now smells like a cat cracker at Stanlow oil refinery.
We (Phil Jackson who is the co-skipper and myself) got off to a fast-ish start yesterday on leaving Pwllheli, with a couple of sail changes in the early afternoon and then the wind died as we neared St David's head. Luckily, the wind returned to ensure our safe passage around it as by then the engine had died.
The plan now is to limp into Falmouth to get the engine repaired as we are not willing to carry on into 'Orca Valley' (where Orca whales are biting off yacht rudders and even sinking a few of them) without a working one as the first tactic that most people agree on is to turn on the engine and try to find shallower water.
In the meantime, we're going to enjoy the warm weather out here.