Friday 7th October. 420 miles from Lanzarote

Fri 7 Oct 2022 14:30
We had a peaceful night with only the mainsail out and with two reefs in it. Ian allowed me to have a lie-in which was very welcome.
I got up at five but not a lot was happening. At ten this morning we turned the boat (gybed) and we now have a course directly to Lanzarote. Let's hope that continues, and if it does we should be in the marina by late Monday afternoon.
Ian has been moving mattresses around this morning to try and make his bunk, on the saloon bookshelf, a bit more comfortable and so he will test it out tonight.
We haven't had any major gear failure yet, apart from one of our own making. We managed to snap one of the spinnaker poles the other night. Completely avoidable though!