Noon 05:15S 35:15W

Tue 3 Jan 2023 14:59
We're back on the road, as we left Jacare Marina yesterday at 13.00 hrs and we are now nearly at the most easterly point of Brazil before we shape a course for St Lucia.  It should take a further fifteen days before we get there. Columba has had a dreadful time with seasickness but she is perking up a bit. I have a lot of making up to do for her big birthday (today!) when we get to the Caribbean.
We have had a very modest sail plan so far and at the moment we only have the main, with the second reef in, but still making 6 knots in 16-18 knot winds.
I have been in Brazil now for over six weeks and Columba nearly two, and our memories will be of very helpful and friendly people. However, this wasn't the experience that everybody on the marina had, but more of that in the blogs to come.
The last thing today is for me to wish my wife a very happy birthday, and a speedy recovery.