Noon Thursday 18th 36:01N 44:03W

Thu 18 May 2023 15:52
At last, we have been given a fair wind. The days run was 142 miles which is by far the best to date. I put in an early second reef yesterday evening and then took it out so this morning I'm sailing with the first reef in the mainsail and the #2 genoa on the front end.
I've fallen into a routine that seems to work.
06.00 I'm usually awake before this but I complete the log first thing and just make sure we are heading the right way with the right sails. Tidy the cabin, ablutions and then the first cup of coffee of the day. After that, I attack the job list.
09.00 Complete the log. Then it's breakfast which is normally cereals, porridge or fruit when available. Them more jobs, and prepare for the meridian passage (of the sun). From 10.30 it's sitting in the cockpit reading or playing solitaire or minesweeper on my phone.
12.00 Noon. Complete the log and work out the figures for the last twenty four hours.  I'll prepare the email including the weather forecast, blog and messages to home, and then do an upload/download. After that it's lunch and taking it easy.
15.00 Complete the log. Then, I'll try and get some sleep.
18.00 Log, and dinner. Dinner now is down to pasta and rice with whatever I can find to make the meal interesting. When it starts to get dark I might watch a film or documentary that I've downloaded from Netflix (thanks to my wife).
21.00 Log, and then a cup of hot chocolate, and bed. I have the alarm set to go at midnight and three am, where I'll pop my head out of the companionway and check the plotter.
In between this, there are the sails to manage, course changes and cleaning to do.
By now, my twin brother and sister-in-law will have landed in the UK having travelled from New Zealand. I hope they had a  good flight.