Sunday 9th Oct. 120 Miles to Go

Sun 9 Oct 2022 13:11
There is always a quiet anticipation whenever landfall is about to be made and hopefully Ian will see Lanzarote early tomorrow morning. We hope to be in the marina and have cleared both customs and immigration by midday. We have a few jobs that need to be done urgently such as the tear in our mainsail. Col has already made contact (in Spanish) with the sailmaker based in Marina Rubicon and so we should get a swift repair done.
The wind we've had for the last three days is holding out and we shook out the first reef in the mainsail at midnight as the wind had dropped slightly in speed.
We plan on leaving Lanzarote next weekend and so this will be the last blog from this leg.
Ran out of instant coffee, and down to our last toilet roll Embarrassed smile emoticon