Noon Monday 8th 24:22N 53:13W

Mon 8 May 2023 15:28
Just more slow progress. It's stop-start at the moment. I tried using a sail for something it's not quite meant to do yesterday evening and ended up with a huge wrap around the forestay, so I won't be trying that again. I was trying to use a symmetric spinnaker as an asymmetric one. Ian and I did it a while ago and it work of a fashion.
The wind picked up nicely at about 22.00 hrs last night so up went the sails again but as we speak the wind is fading.
Whilst I was in St Lucia I met an American. I met him at first off the reservation (it's what I called the marina complex) and he seemed to me to be a typical American. Unconscious bias Columba would say. The meeting was polite and short, and no more.
A few weeks later when Columba had left St Lucia I met the American again in the bar on the reservation. I felt obligated to go and chat with him. We established where each other came from. I explained I was from a small country in the UK called Wales and he was from a large state called Texas in the USA. After a few bottles of Piton, he mentioned something about the welsh fornicating with sheep. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about! I told him after the Welsh revolution happens, we would come after people like him to seek redress.
I then asked him if it was true that only two things came from Texas. Steers and queers.
After that meeting we became inseparable during happy hour at the bar. Thereafter he was know as the American, and I as Brit.
I still miss our leg-pulling beer sessions.