Thursday 6th October. 560 miles from Lanzarote

Thu 6 Oct 2022 11:52
Hello, and here we are at last! We left Pwllheli on the 28th September (last Wednesday) and we've had a real mix of weather in the last week. Firstly 30 to 35 knots of wind, followed by two days becalmed of Cape Finisterre and now we have some decent wind. ETA for Lanzarote is late Sunday or early Monday morning.
We have both found our sea legs at last and are getting into some sort of routine. Which is no routine really as the work is dictated by the weather and boat Smile emoticon
A first for me: Yesterday, I hoovered a boat and charged my electric toothbrush on the ocean! So, how did we manage that? Answers on a postcard please and the first lucky winner will get a Hershey bar. Smile emoticon