Noon Thursday 5th Jan

Thu 5 Jan 2023 14:49
We've had an interesting twenty four hours. Yesterday afternoon Columba took a turn for the worse, so much so that we altered course to head towards the nearest land so that she could get off the boat and return home. After many messages on the satellite phone to my brother and sis-in-law in Warminster, we decided to head for Fortalise. As we we're approaching it early this morning, Columba sat upright and said she felt better. We had a long discussion and in the end we decided to continue to St Lucia. My wife is very determined and brave, although i feel it will cost me dearly in the weeks to come!
Whilst we we're walking in the countryside in Brazil, we noticed (and saw by night) large areas of burning which we discovered were the farmers burning the sugar beet before harvesting by hand. Apparently, if softens the stalks making it easier to cut. We saw a bus load of workers one lunchtime in the fields. It look like hard work, and not for much numeration we decided.