Noon Sunday 7th 23:41N 054:33W

Sun 7 May 2023 15:22
Since six o'clock this morning, we have had a decent breeze of up to 16 knots. This has made a huge difference to speed. At one point I noticed the speedo clocking 7.5 kn but that was whilst surfing down a wave. However, we have recorded our best twenty four hour run of 116 miles.
Yesterday evening it was twilight at about 20.15 hrs and there was a thunder storm going on to leeward of us (thank goodness!) but as the light finally faded we had a magnificent moonrise in the east. Clear skies and it was very bright. Likewise this morning, as the moon set, the sun came up in the east.
St Lucia is a small island with a small population of about 180 000 people. A town for us back in the UK. However, this independent island struggles on but it does have a big gang-land problem. In one weekend alone, nine people were murdered in the south of the island. I did the calculation that if the same percentage of the population had been murdered in the UK, the number of deaths would be 325 000.
That is a lot of people in either community.