Noon 13:40N 59:11W

Sun 15 Jan 2023 15:23
We didn't see Barbados as the wind and current took us on a course that put the island 35 miles to our left hand side. The wind has died down to around ten knots and we are struggling to make any real progress at the moment. But the nature of the beast is to change and I'm sure the winds will fill again before the end of the day.
After this blog, we are going to have to put our clocks back one hour as we have moved a lot westward and so we will then be UTC -4. I still prefer GMT to UTC  (Greenwich Mean Time/Universal Time Co-ordinated) but that's the modern world.
We are hoping to be in the marina at daybreak tomorrow so this will be the last blog for this part of the trip. Perhaps we will add one more to capture our reflections on the last fourteen days.
Columba's phone is not charging at the moment but she will get a new lead asap so that she can be back in touch.