Noon Wedneday 3rd May 20:21N 058:54W

Wed 3 May 2023 16:31
We managed 107 miles noon-to-noon which is a bit of an improvement on previous days, but the conditions are so good that it's very pleasant out here. At about 9.30 this morning there was a big wind shift. The wind veered from 090*to 140* which puts us on a course to the Azores. I know the westerly wind is to the north of me but this course shortens the distance slightly and it also gives me some wriggle room to shape a course to Ponta Delgada if the wind backs (goes anti-clockwise) again.
Whilst I was in Rodney Bay, I went to town one morning for a haircut after Columba had left.
I'm not allowed to have it cut when she is about. I walked into the barber's full of trepidation.
You hear of Afro-Caribbean people at home making the point that hairdressers and barbers don't understand their hair and I had visions of returning to the marina with grey dreadlocks. Anyhow, I was first in and the gentleman started cutting away.
After a few minutes of silence he said "Are you a sailor?".
Aye, aye, I thought. It's a bit early in the  day for that sort of thing.
Anyhow, he hastily added that he could tell by the condition of the hair that it had been exposed to sunlight and salt water, hence the comment.
In the end he turned out to be a decent guy, and I was pleased with the cut.