Noon 00:32N 29:07W Tuesday 8th

Tue 8 Nov 2022 12:13
Last night was magical. We had a lazy supper at about 18.30 and I went to bed at 20.00 after sunset and moonrise. At 02.00 when I got up, the moon was quite high in the sky, it was light and warm. The moon's silver path across the ocean to the boat was glimmering in the gentle swell. I sat on a bean-bag (our big spinnaker) for two hours and just watched the sea go by. Lovely.
We then had nautical twilight, civil twilight and then sunrise. Another day, and the boat's routine started again.
We had a role reversal this morning. I fabricated a repair on a jamming block and Ian prepared for meridian passage.
We are twenty two miles from the equator and should cross it by supper time.