Noon Thursday 4th 22:36N 057:20W

Fri 5 May 2023 16:30
It was an unusual night. For some hours we were making directly for Bermuda as the wind had backed significantly and now it has veered all the way around to 220* so we're almost heading straight for the Azores again.
Even though we have climbed up eight degrees of latitude the temperature is still at 32* but it was noticeably cooler during the night. I think I'll sleep in the saloon tonight.
I was looking at my phone yesterday and I noticed that I have an app that belongs to the plotter we have on Bellone. The good news is that the app links straight to the plotter so the phone become a repeater of the app, which means I can check for vessels from my bunk without having to get up. Sometimes, technology is a friend.
I had another stew last night which was quite tasty. I decided to supplement it with some tinned corned beef. I went to the tinned supplies cupboard and opened the tin. It's the first time I've poured corned beef onto my stew. Tonight, I'll be able to slice it as it's been in the fridge.