Noon 6th Jan Saturday

Sat 7 Jan 2023 13:15
Thankyou t my wonderful husband who is sailing single handed from Brazil through the South Atlantic Ocean and now the North Atlantic ocean at a speed of round 8 knots, we passed the equator at around  12 noon UK time today. He has trimmed the sails to catch the wind perfectly and unfortunately I still have no sea legs to help so he really is sailing solo. Whilst cooking up the most fabulous food in his pressure cooker and using some wonderful herbs we bought in the market in Brazil. Even though I have been unwell we have enjoyed amazing sunsets and superb night skyies full of dazzling stars and we have been sleeping on deck as I am still unable to go down below deck which has been a beautiful experience listening to the waves splash by and feeling the breeze on your face the whole night through. It really is an amazing adventure, I just wish i could feel better and although I have improved, Mike is still being a number one husband and looking after me 24/7 ensuring I have everything I need. Thank you for all my birthday messages on the 3rd, as Mike went nearer land so I could pick up whatsapp messages etc which I haven't been able to reply to as I was quite unwell this day and we have no connection at sea.