Saturday 8th October. 280 miles from Lanzarote

Sat 8 Oct 2022 12:18
We've had a fairly good twenty four hour run, clocking in 155 miles at an average speed of 6.6 kn, and that with only a reefed mainsail out. We have decided to do some very conservative sailing for a while after the spinnaker pole incident! That said, Bellone is a delight to sail and she seems to be enjoying the conditions at the moment.
I spent most of the night sat on our bean bag (our biggest spinnaker in it's bag) in the companionway under the spray-hood and it was lovely. Nearly a full moon, clear skies and nothing it sight.
Ian's experiment with the new mattress yielded indifferent results although he is going to stick with it and maybe add a lee-cloth (a cloth that is tied on the inboard side of the bunk) to stop him falling out.
ETA at Playa Blanca, Lanzarote is around midday on Monday.
Ian is looking forward to a paella, and I'm looking forward to a shower. Funny no mention of beer Thinking smile emoticon