noon Friday 26th 40:40N 39:15W

Fri 26 May 2023 09:52
It's been another twenty four hours of no wind. Mat (Rodney Bay) has sent an email with some weather information which is helpful. I've seen some of the developments on the weather files I get, and on Sunday, providing I don't move, I am right in the middle of two weather systems. I might get a bit squally so this morning I've emptied the two jerry cans of diesel into the main tank and I've hoisted up the storm jib just to make sure all the fittings work, and remind myself of the lead from the clew of the sail back to the cockpit.
One option I am considering now is to shape a course for Pwllheli without visiting the Azores. I am already 100 miles if the Azores and the weather systems expected on Sunday would be favourable to start that journey. I am going to download some weather information before I finally decide.
I've nearly finished the fourth Inspector Rebus novel that Ian has left on the boat. In my mind, I can picture Ken Stoddard (I think that's the actors name) who plays the Inspector and I am enjoying them.
The food menu is getting a bit bland though. It's rice, pasta, rice or pasta.
I think I'll have rice tonight.