Cabadela, Brazil

Mon 28 Nov 2022 11:42
We have been here two weeks now, and we have done a lot of work on the boat. She is probably in as good a condition as she ever has been in our ownership. Some of the work includes:
- Ian has rewired calibrated the fuel gauge
- mainsail and genoa have been repaired
- we retrieved the two halyards that we had lost at the top of the mast
 - I've cleaned and removed the errors on the sextant
- downloaded some celestial navigation apps, to help reduce the maths
- tightened the rig
- attended to some leaking fittings
- power washed the boat, twice
- Ian has helped two boats with engine servicing
- I've used some diving equipment to clean a catamaran's hull.
So, all in all, a productive time. I have also made a Secchi disc, but more about that when we get underway.
Unfortunately, the problem Ian had with a molar in Pwllheli has reappeared, but as soon as we can sort that out, we can go.
I did try starting the clearing out process last Friday, but the offices were closed. Brazil have a football game at 12.30 our time (15.30 GMT) and so I don't think a lot will happen today.