Noon Wednesday 31st 47:36N 30:42W

Wed 31 May 2023 10:08
At 3.30 this morning I put the third reef in the mainsail (the smallest it can be other than putting it away completely) as the wind has been blowing between 18 and 20 knots constantly. She is pounding a bit, which makes sleep difficult.
It's now become what I would call typical UK sailing. Grey, wet and cold, although the temperature is at 19*. I think I'm just used to the warmer climates now.
The one very positive part of this sailing is that the wind generator is facing the wind and is working like a Chinese production worker on speed, so the batteries are always fully topped up.
I would kill for a chocolate Hobnob.
In the space of ten minutes, the wind has dropped from 18k to 12k, so I'd better go and shake out a reef or two, and get some more speed going.