Noon 09:11N 53:34W

Thu 12 Jan 2023 14:53
What an awful night! High winds and torrential rain. Columba was soaking this morning having spent the night in the cockpit but is now happily drying out/sunbathing
We are three quarters the way there now and expect to be in around midnight on Sunday. Bellone is sailing well under a full genoa and three reefs in the main. She is steering a tighter course now that she seems to be being pulled along by the genoa.
I've had to learn how to handle the sails alone and it has done me a lot of good, as it makes you think more about the processes and adaptations to help me do it.
During one of the rain episodes last night, Columba wisely decided to put her lifejacket on, so I thought I'd better do the same. After trying to find it, I asked Columba if she knew where it was. She looked at me with despair in her eyes, and said, " You're wearing it, you d******d!"