Sunday 26th May 50:09N 05:04W

Sun 26 May 2024 14:02
We arrived here at 7.30 this morning, feeling exhausted after the weather we had had over the previous thirty six hours. Phil drove the boat into the harbour and onto a buoy in a zephyr of a wind and a very good job he made of it to.
After the lovely day we had on Friday, the wind increased to a force six and we had this on the nose all the way around Land's End. We even went as far west as the Scilly Isles looking for a way to tack around the bottom south west of the UK. As luck would have it, even after getting around the bottom, the wind changed so that is was on the nose again. Very miserable!
We have produced the inevitable job list.
The most important one is the engine, followed by replacing the starboard lazy jacks (worn through chafe), and then repairing the trimming line for the wind vane self-steering (broken as it is in a vulnerable place).
We also need water and more fresh food. There is a small problem though.
Tomorrow is a bank holiday.
What do you do with the drunken sailor?