Noon Thursday 1st 49:32N 29:20W

Thu 1 Jun 2023 09:43
I think this is the first day of the calendar summer, and the month of the summer solstice so at least I have long days and short nights.
It's not particularly comfortable at the moment as we are regularly taking water over the frony end now and that is slowing us down. However, we should get to the point of no return tomorrow (between the Azores and Ireland) and sometime over the weekend I will have to decide to make the right turn towards Ireland. I just hope the wind shifts away from east.
I think I'm right in saying that a yacht race called the AZAB (AZores And Back) starts today from Plymouth. I yacht called Jac-y-Do from Pwllheli is taking part and we wish Mark and Phil all the best. I just hope I get back to Pwllheli before they do Smile emoticon