Noon Sunday 28th 42:48N 35:47W

Sun 28 May 2023 10:12
We've had our best day's run on this leg by far, by clocking 147 miles in the last twenty four hours at an average speed of 6.1 knots, and the speedo is showing seven plus as I look at it now.
We've not had the squalls or gusts that were predicted yet but we are ready for them if they turn up.
It was nice plotting the noon position on the chart today because I can see Wales on it. Even though there are still lots of miles to go.
We had more whales and dolphin yesterday evening.
The one precaution I have started to take and that is to do the dish washing in a bucket of salt water. So there I was yesterday morning washing the dishes and pressure cooker, and after it was done I threw the water overboard only to notice the pressure cooker washer disappearing astern in the wash. For a fleeting moment I thought about stopping the boat and going back to look for it. But then sense kicked in. I wouldn't have stood a chance of finding a small black seal in the blue-grey water.
So it's back to the old cooker. Even though it doesn't hiss any more.