Noon Friday 6th Jan 01:32S 40:27W

Fri 6 Jan 2023 15:04
The update on the English patient is that she is very much on the mend. She has eaten well over the last twenty four hours and has gone below to sort out some clothes and essentials for sunbathing.
We have logged 158 miles noon-to-noon which we are very pleased with (av 6.6 knots) but we must confess that we have between one and two knots of current helping us. At around three am this morning we had three vessels around us including one chemical tanker, that was so well illuminated we thought she was an ocean cruiser, but they all passed at a safe distance.
We will be crossing the equator between 6 and 8 am tomorrow morning and so we might have that little bottle of champagne that was meant for Columba's birthday, by way of celebration.
Finally, Columba wants me to mention that I dropped the spinnaker pole on my head last night when I was taking it down. Happily for the pole, there was no further damage to it.