Noon Thursday 22nd 52:03N 06:10W

Thu 22 Jun 2023 07:04
It's been a messy twenty four hours weather-wise but we did have a glorious afternoon sailing along the Irish coast in sunshine to rival that of St Lucia. It does make a difference having the big genoa at the front of the boat available.
The wind deserted us completely at midnight and so we've had the engine on since.
Ian and I left Pwllheli on the 28th September last year, and so it's almost eight nine months since I left Pwllheli. It seems a bit strange that the adventure is coming to an end, but Columba and myself are off to Scotland next month on the boat and so I have that to look forward to.
There will be a blog tomorrow but that will be more for the sake of completeness for the record than anything else.
There have been times of incredible highs during the last few months, but they have also been matched by times of deep lows as well but I accept that as part of the deal but in the end, it is the good times that always shine through and I have those by the bucket full.
A few thanks 'yous':
To my wife, for her support in this venture, and listening to my moaning during the times of being becalmed.
My mother who has always encouraged me to do these sailing trips, and her continued support as ever.
To Ian, for the time and effort he put into the boat. It didn't happen this time but he has his life ahead of him to do his own campaign.
To my brothers for their emails and text messages, and for the forthcoming reunion with my younger brother. Stand-by!
To all the wonderful people I met and hopefully without taking liberties, now call my friends. A special mention to the outstanding people of Rodney Bay. You know who you are!
And especially to you, for taking the time to read these little snippets from the good ship Bellone. I hope they were slightly interesting.
Diolch i chi.