Noon 19:32.1N 21:20.2W

Sun 23 Oct 2022 10:28
At 23.30 last night, we decided to put a reef in the mainsail as the wind was picking up. Ian and I have decided that if we are putting in a reef, that we will go straight to the second one and miss the first altogether. It's working well. We are getting more slick with sail evolutions as well.
Last night as I settled for my night watch with a coffee in hand, a flying fish landed on deck. I had to go and help it get off the boat. I hope it's okay!
We have started reading a lot. Ian has finished four Inspector Rebus books plus a bit of Tom Cunliffe's Yachtmaster book, plus a bit of 'The God Dillusion' by Richard Dawkins. Heavy going but it is a book on loan from his Nain. I've managed 'On Bonfires, Butlins and Being Welsh' a recent book by Jos Simons on growing up in Pwllheli and now I'm on 'A Small Town in Germany' by John Le Carre.