Noon 14:00N 60:40W

Mon 16 Jan 2023 17:01
We have twenty miles to go, after a very frustrating twenty four hours. The wind died down and we drifted overnight managing to complete 40 miles in ten hours. We now have the engine on to complete the journey.
During the night, I noticed two significant tears in the mainsail and these were around the reefing points that we have used a lot during the last fourteen days. Also, we seem to have an electrical problem so it's just as well we are nearly there.
The last two nights though have been the clearest by far with hardly a cloud in sight and no light pollution and so we were treated to some spectacular celestial views.
At about ten o'clock this morning, Columba said those traditional words of "Land ahoy" when she saw the volcanic mountain on the horizon. Since then, we have seen a fin (shark?), dolphins, and some strange and wonderful looking birds which I think are frigate birds.
Anyhow, we have hoisted the courtesy flag (St Lucia's flag) and the yellow, rectangular flag Q flag( meaning "My vessel is healthy and I request free pratique.") so all we need now is to clear in and watch the sun set from the Bozun's Locker Bar.