Noon 01:34N 44:59W

Sun 8 Jan 2023 14:30
Bellone is in the grove! During the last forty eight hours, we have covered 170 miles on both twenty four hour periods, and so if this continues we should be at Rodney Bay a week on Tuesday. Columba continues to improve although we realise that she will not be 100% until we get there. That said, she never misses a mealtime.
We had a glass of fizz with last night's meal to celebrate crossing the line and we gave a little bit to Neptune, as is the tradition.
On a sadder note, we have to report that our # one pressure cooker has finally stopped hissing and spitting. After many years of loyal and sterling service, we have to acknowledge that is will hiss and spit no more. I suggested putting it in the dark recesses of our locker space "just in case" we need it. Throw it away, was the reply. But I will dispose of it responsibly, so that it can be recycled and who knows, it's reincarnation will sail the oceans once more.