Noon 4th Jan 03:35S 36:49W

Wed 4 Jan 2023 14:36
We've had a pleasant twenty four hours sailing and we've covered 141 miles which is averaging nearly six knots. Columba is feeling better as she is drinking and has started eating but she is not 100%. For the time being, she is happy lying in the cockpit, sunbathing.
We're eating well as there is an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables in Cabadelo, and all of a good quality. The problem we had was trying to identify the different types of unusual produce.
A few days after I arrived in Cabadelo, a French couple arrived. Although we did not speak a lot with each other, they were very friendly. However, they had a rented car and drove quite far to explore the remoter parts of the country. It was whilst out one day that they were robbed at gunpoint, which of course, was very traumatic for them. As a consequence, they have altered all their sailing plans. Instead of transiting the Panama Canal and heading for the Polynesian Islands, they will be heading to the Caribbean and home, in much the same route as us.
I think this episode was very much the exception to the rule of the character of Brazilian people.