Noon 07:22N 51:40W

Wed 11 Jan 2023 15:44
Noon to noon, we have covered 181 miles which is good but the wind continues to increase and the sea has become very uncomfortable. We are taking frequent waves over the boat now and so we have put the third reef in the mainsail. As we are taking waves over the boat Columba's little spot in the cockpit isn't suitable and we are finding it difficult to find somewhere where she is comfortable. Inside the boat is a no-go for her.
However, ETA is still Sunday.
Most of our fresh food has now gone and I'm having to be imaginative with the menu.
We met a lot of interesting people in Cabadelo, and Harry was one of them. He is seventy two and he told us that he had flown his plane to all continents some years ago. He is now trying to sail to all continents, and he believes he will be the first person to do so. When he departed, he was heading to Antartica.
We wish him well with his ambition.