Noon Tuesday 9th 25:24N 52:23W

Tue 9 May 2023 15:29
We only covered eighty six miles yesterday, but at least we are moving. Columba knows how frustrated and irritated I get when we are just drifting around. I will download a weather forecast today to see what's happening weatherwise but because of the lack of wind and limited fuel supply, I can' move myself into an advantageous position even if I wanted to.
That said, I have a 360* clear view of the horizon today with very few clouds about and the temperature is still 30*.  I think my visible horizon is about eight nautical miles. That means I am looking at 200 square miles of ocean, if my maths is correct!
There are two types of bird that occasionally fly around the boat but unfortunately my Collins " Scottish Birds" books doesn't seem to have them listed. I'm sure one of them is some sort of tern, as it has a very distinctive deep forked tail feathers.
I bought some new deodorant whilst in Rodney Bay and after showering one evening I used it. The two other blokes in the block looked at me rather suspiciously. No wonder. It's for women.