Noon Friday 9th 51:42N 16:07W

Fri 9 Jun 2023 09:53
Yesterday turned out to be a very difficult day. On top of the 'three' happenings, I had to change the headsail as the wind was 25k and heading northwards. Within two hours, I had to reverse the change again as the wind had dropped to 16k. These headsails are the old fashioned 'hank-on' type so I was pretty tired after that. But when I went to the spare aft cabin to change foulies, the door was jammed closed. I couldn't open it so in the end I had to use some persuasion. It yielded in the end and I'm glad it didn't jam closed with me in the cabin.
We have just over 200 miles to go but the wind gods have decided to play hard to the end. The wind is down to 12k and we are making slow progress, but we will grind out these miles.
Richard Tudor has confirmed that space will be found for Bellone in Plas Heli so that is a relief.
I have found some music on my memory stick. I'm listening to Lindisfarne, Yes, Electric Light Orchestra and The Carpenters. It's all very good!