Noon 05:20N 49:28W

Tue 10 Jan 2023 16:31
It's a record! We covered 187 miles in the last twenty four hours and so we are very pleased with that. That makes our ETA at St Lucia around the Sunday evening. That's the good news. During the last twenty four hours the wind has increased to around 22 knots making the seas very uncomfortable. Columba was coping until the squall hit us at 22.30. As she is camping outside she was loath to move until the heavens opened. When she was absolutely drenched, she scooped up her bedding, threw them on the cockpit floor and said," I'll never forgive you for this!".
So, we need to make every speed to our destination and any words of encouragement for Columba will be most welcome I'm sure.
As I'm writing this, another squall is approaching so it's time to go and prepare again.