Noon Monday 1stMay 17:14N 60:14W

Mon 1 May 2023 16:39
Despite the slow progress due to a light wind of around 9k to 10k, it is perfect out here. Hardly a cloud in the sky, ocean is turquoise and the temperature is holding out at 32 degrees c and happily the humidity has fallen to 60%. The trip might take a bit longer than I anticipated and so I'm glad I topped up the water tanks in St Lucia.
In the last twenty four hours I have seen two vessels, although at 16.30 yesterday I spotted something on the near horizon. It was far too small to be a cargo vessel, it wasn't a yacht nor a power boat and so I thought it might be one of these single handed rowers doing the Atlantic. I had to go and investigate just in case somebody was in difficulties but on arriving at the object, it turned out to be two (scientific?) buoys, the larger being white and the smaller orange. Nobody in distress.
Should have gone to Specsavers!