Noon Saturday 6th 23:00N 56:28W

Sat 6 May 2023 15:43
Becalmed! The wind disappeared yesterday evening at about 18.00 and didn't pick up again until 6.00 am this morning hence a twenty four hour run of only 63 miles. I think this is going to be a long slog. I've barely covered 600m in seven days and at this rate it will take a further eighteen days to complete the journey. Let's hope the more northern latitudes have some more wind.
I have four hours to advance before I get to Ponta Delgada to be on their time and so put the boat's clocks forward one hour last night. That puts me on GMT, or more correctly now, UTC (universal time co-ordinated) -3, and -4 on UK time.
As it is a special coronation weekend at home, I have decided to have an easy time and just do what is essential and this evening is movie night. I have a couple of films downloaded on the laptop, a bag of pretzels (a low fat snack) and a bottle of orange fizzy drink to celebrate.
Let's hope King Charles II has a satisfying time on the throne.