Noon 21:40.6N 019:41.1W

Sat 22 Oct 2022 10:45
We covered 159 miles in the last 24 hours which is very pleasing, and we are considering pulling into the Cape Verde islands to flush out our water tanks, and perhaps get some fresh produce. If we do stop there, it will be on Tuesday. Our shore team (Rae this time!) is looking into the details of the ports there before we make a decision to stop or not. Our other shore team members (Columba and Chiara) get asked to deal with other problems as and when they arise, so a big thanks to them.
We forgotto mention that we met some lovely people from Nefyn when we were at Playa Blanca. We had some drinks with them over a couple of nights, and they came and visited the boat one morning with pastries. So, diolch yn fawr iawn Haf a Owain, Donna a Arwel am eich cyfellgarwch. Pobl da Smile emoticon