Noon 23:35.5N 017:47.2W

Fri 21 Oct 2022 10:13
Noon is traditionally an important time on a boat as the sun is either directly overhead or nearly so, and then it starts it's descent towards evening and sunset. When the sun is directly overhead it's bearing will be either north or south, and the position line from a sextant bearing will always lie in a east-west plane, or a latitude, which is the easiest sun sight to calculate. From this a fix is calculated and the previous days run, average speed, and ETAs can be calculated.
Fortunately for us all this information is conveniently on our electronic plotter Smile emoticon
Ian and I had a very healthy stew last night followed by Tuc biscuits with cheese and pickled onions. We've had three days of 'corkscrew' motion now and it's beginning to be a bit tiresome. But the sun is shinning and it's very warm!