Noon Wednesday 10th 26:44N 51:41W

Wed 10 May 2023 16:01
The mainsail had to come down again at 22.00 hrs last night. I stirred at 05.30 hrs this morning at saw that the speedo was showing that we were doing 3k with just the front sail. So back up went the main and since then we've averaged about 5.5k which is more like it. I normally wake up when the wind fills the front sail but I managed to sleep through it last night.
I took a sun sight at noon today, when the sun was directly above me, but my latitude was at odds with the GPS latitude by twenty miles. It's about time they tuned-in these satellites!
When I was in Rodney Bay about eight years ago with Ian, we met a guy called Roy, who was parked about three or four berths away from us. He had alovely old wooden boat called "Guiding Light".
Originally from the UK, he has settled in St Lucia. We became quite friendly with him and had him to dinner once, or twice, aboard our boat and we would socialise with him in the evenings.
One evening during my last visit to Rodney Bay, I asked the group I was with if they knew this Roy chap. There was a brief awkward silence.
Apparently, as the storey goes, Roy had come ashore for his evening drink (his boat by this time was anchored in the bay) and started chatting to a crew on a yacht from Europe. They plied him with drink, allegedly, and soon it was time for Roy to return to Guiding Light. He had to be assisted onto his tender and pointed in the right direction.
That was last anyone ever saw of Roy and his tender.