Noon Thursday 8th 50:52N 17:48W DTG 295

Thu 8 Jun 2023 09:52
We are now beating into 20k plus winds and it's a bit bouncy. We are making a good east course at the moment directly for the south west corner of Ireland.
Things happen in threes. This morning the bilge pump refused to work, the fresh water pump started over-running and the gas igniter ran out of gas, so it's been a busy morning.
I was concerned about the water so I opened up the inspection hatch on the leeward side of the boat and was pleasantly surprised. I estimate that there must be about 30 litres left.
I had to jury rig the spare bilge pump using what ever I could find. Amazing what you can to with electrical tape and cable ties.
One fulmar is still with us.
I wonder how much longer s/he will stay with us.