Noon 09:18N 26:15W Thursday 3rd November

Thu 3 Nov 2022 13:29
What a twenty four hours we've had! It started with Ian taking meridian passage (altitude) yesterday with the sextant and I worked out the sight and he was within two miles of the plotter's latitude. Beginner's luck I think.
Then, we were both listening to a podcast Ian had downloaded (We Have Ways of Making You Talk) when I noticed our spinnaker drifting astern in the wind. The head of the sail had torn so we had to haul it out of the water. It is now completely redundant although there is a bit of it stuck at the top of the mast with the halyard. I went halfway up in the bosun's chair but it was too rough.
We had electrical storms all night and we had disconnected the engine starter battery from the system and put the sat phone in the oven (|Faraday Cage?) in case we were struck by lightning.
Anyhow, it was the squalls that made life uncomfortable for a while. 35 knots, gusting 40k. We have managed to break some more mainsail sliders unfortunately. We are now drying out the boat and cat-napping. Smile emoticon