Noon Saturday 3rd 51:48N 27:40W

Sat 3 Jun 2023 12:57
We had a daily run of only 68 miles as we were becalmed yet again yesterday evening. As long as this easterly wind blows, the 'making' tack (the one that gives most benefit) is the one we are on now, namely starboard tack. We need this wind to change direction, otherwise a probable route home will be over the top of Ireland.
Still, today marks the end of five weeks I've been at sea so pull up a bollard, and I'll tell you a sea shanty! But, to celebrate, I'm going to open a twenty four hour ration pack my younger brother gave me, as it will have cinnamon cake in it as well as oatcakes and some salted peanuts, and I'll share it with my friend. Well, he only comes out at night, and I only hear his voice...
I'll probably watch a documentary on the laptop though. The documentaries were downloaded in St Lucia.
I should have mentioned a week ago that India, Columba's daughter, is in the middle of A-level exams at the moment and so it's a very stressful time. I know India has put in the work so she will be fine.
I'd better go and see if my friend is about and have a 'panad'.