Noon Monday 15th 33:17N 49:11W

Mon 15 May 2023 15:46
Happy days! At six o'clock this morning it was still calm but by seven there was an usable wind and as the forecast predicted, it has increased since then to 15 kts. However, because we were becalmed last night, the day's run was only sixty miles.
The plan now is to run north for another day and this time tomorrow see if I can shape a course towards the Azores. The wind prediction for tomorrow is twenty knots. So fingers crossed.
Whilst I was in Rodney Bay, I took the opportunity to undertake some jobs, one of which was to attend to a loose stanchion. Whilst I was doing this, I lost hold of a socket and drive, and down into the harbour it plunged. The first option to try and retrieve it was to don my wet suit and go swimming to the bottom. I soon found my self elbow deep in mud and silt and as a result of searching for the item, my vision was obscured by the silt.
I then had the bright idea of using a magnet. I asked the people I knew if they had one (including the American) but nobody had one, so I bought one. I spent a fruitless morning fishing for the socket and drive, using different techniques and weights on the line but to no avail.
One morning, a chap called Edgar parked his boat next to mine. I knew Edgar. He was boat-sitting for some Irish owner but I don't think the arrangement was working to well. However, I knew he had Scuba gear on the boat and he didn't mind my using it.
This is it I thought. It would soon be back in fresh air having a little TLC. After depleting a tank of air, there was still no sign of it. So I gave up finding it in the end.
In the meantime though Jerry, the sail-maker gave me an old drive just to get me home air play to him.
And to Ian , whose socket set it is, I will of course replace the lost item.