Noon Thursday 4th 21:26N 057:45W

Thu 4 May 2023 16:31
Still making steady progress on day six, with the wind veering a bit more so that we can turn a bit more to the right for a while. We are pointing more towards the Azores now but run the risk of getting into the middle of the Azores high, where there is little or no wind, if we stay on this course too long.
Yesterday day evening at about 18.30, we had visitors. A pod of dolphins came to play with the bow wave. I could see them clearly in the sea and there was obviously a mother and calf with them. The calf was right by it's mother's side no matter which way she went. Our speed and bow wave couldn't have impressed them though, as they didn't stay long.
The fresh food is holding out although I did have to throw a couple of carrots away yesterday. It's going to be stew for a few nights more and then it's back to pasta and rice. It'll be a welcome change.