Noon 01:30S 29:51W

Wed 9 Nov 2022 12:23
As you can see from our position above, we are now in the southern hemisphere. We crossed the equator at 19:10 our time (20:10 GMT) last night, took pictures of the plotter showing the position, had supper which had been prepared and we had a couple of tins to celebrate. As we approached and left the equator, we could see a belt of cloud along the horizon, and we assume this is where the weather syatems from the two hemispheres meet. 
We are both pleasantly surprised by the amount of wind we have, and we hope to be in Recifie about midday Sunday if the weather holds. Our biggest concern then is the repair to the mainsail, and how long it will last beyond that.
Ian is taking a big interest in taking the noon sight, and he is getting quite accurate with it now.