Noon 03:26S 31:14W

Thu 10 Nov 2022 13:55
As I was completing the log yesterday at 18.00, the boat hit a wave awkwardly  as it does sometimes, but instead of sorting itself out and moving on, there was an eerie silence. So much so, that Ian woke up and we went on deck. The strop on the genoa attaching it to the halyard had parted and the genoa was sliding down the forestay. We brought it down, brailed it, and hoisted our #3 foresail. It is considerably smaller than the genoa, but we only lost about half a knot in speed but the motion was much more comfortable.  The margins are very small between getting more boat speed and making the boat and crew comfy.
The other morning, I was hauling out the bean bag up the companionway and into the cockpit ready for another day. Unbeknown to me, Ian decided to help from below, so when I hauled, he pushed. This sent me tumbling into the cockpit.
He thought it was very funny.