Noon Wednesday 24th 40:02N 39:32W

Wed 24 May 2023 09:50
The saga continues! We have just over 500 to go to Horta but the wind just isn't playing the game. At the moment it is coming from 120* and we need to make a course of 110* so we will have to tack our way there if the wind continues as it is. However, it's down to 5 knots again so we're drifting really.
I was looking at the pilot chart again yesterday, and in a typical May, the wind is predominantly from south to north, going clockwise, blowing at force four with a 2% chance of calms. That last figure equates to sixteen hours for the month. We've had three days already, so this is not typical May weather.
I'm glad I had the loan of some books from Matthew (Rodney Bay) otherwise I would have run out of books to read.
I was looking at some photos on my phone yesterday and I saw the ones I took when Columba sailed with me from Brazil. She did not feel well for the whole trip unfortunately, but we used to play a little game of 'guess the daily mileage'. By 11.00 every morning, we each stated our final and best guesstimate and after 'noon', I would announce the total. Sometimes, Columba was closest but more often I was. Which isn't surprising really, as I was keeping a running total for the log every hour.