Noon Saturday 27th 41:18N 38:21W

Sat 27 May 2023 09:53
I was sat doing the log on Thursday evening as we were drifting in the calms, and I had a good look at the water tank gauges as well as the amount of food on the boat. I then went to bed and  had a good sleep, as we were still not moving anywhere and I had cancelled the wake up calls on my phone.
Yesterday, I had a look at the distances between where I was, the Horta (Azores), Cork (Ireland) and Pwllheli (I feel I should put Wales in here but I think most people have some idea of where it is!). Anyhow, I went to my bunk last night with the front sail hoisted with the Hydrovane set on a course of 050*. When I woke this morning we had covered twelve miles along that course and then I heard the wind generator starting which is a sure sign of increasing wind. I hoisted the mainsail and now we are doing over 5 knots and heading towards Cork as that is the closest land to me in that direction.
I should be there in two weeks, just to take on some fuel and water and then head to Pwllheli.
There are a number of reasons for changing to plan B, one of which I still had between five and seven days just to get to the Azores, and I was 120 miles to the north of them already. Also, if I'm carful with the water I should be ok. So, homeward bound.
Yesterday evening I was treated to seeing half a dozen whales heading south again. They just passed by about a hundred yards away. I
It was like passing somebody in the High Street.