Noon 2nd May 18:43N 59:20W

Tue 2 May 2023 16:44
The last twenty four hours have been very pleasant but a bit slow. We have covered 97 miles which is an average speed of just over 4 knots.
At this time of year, the pilot books recommend heading northwards towards Bermuda to catch the westerly winds (heading east) when going towards Europe and the Mediterranean. As the wind here is slightly south of east and the sea is moderate I have decided to head more towards the Azores which means I'm heading into the wind. Bellone is occasionally pounding the waves but I can always bear away if it worsens.
I have read a lot of books lately. Some have been given to me by Columba, some have been left by Ian, and some I bought in a charity shop in Oldham. Amongst the best was "Birdsong" (Sebastian Faulks). Luckily, Matthew has given me the loan of some more books and the one I'm reading now is "Lewis Man" (Peter May), a murder/mystery based on Lewis on the Western Isles, or the Outer Hebrides if you prefer. I know the area well from my time in the Highlands and Islands.
Matthew suggested posting them back to him but I think I might prefer to hand deliver them instead.